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‘Intentional maturity’ charts a path for baby boomers seeking an alternative to traditional retirement. ‘Screening after hiring – too late?’ cautions employers about deferring or eliminating background checks in a rush to hire. WorkWise and special assignment articles have found their way into some of the nation’s most prestigious newspapers or their niche publications, both in print and on 142 news and 115 commercial websites.

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• First syndicated in 1994, WorkWise appears in business and special sections, in print and online. For the most recent columns, check the Knoxville News Sentinel Online, part of the USA Today network, and the Houston Chronicle.

WorkWise: Finding a fit for veteransWorkWise: Is it the job market or you?

WorkWise: Building networks that pay off

Hiring veterans is challenging because of differences in jargon and, in some cases, the seeming lack of transferable skills. Are companies hiring for the wrong reasons and overlooking the right ones? Are they using the best process?

Since 1991 more than 30,000 officers and enlisted personnel have found jobs through Orion ICS LLC. ...
“Too many early morning LinkedIn searches?” asks Sandy Charet, president of Charet & Associates Inc. in New York City. “Too many coffee ‘dates’ that end up feeling like blind dates and you wonder why you even met with the person in the first place? When this starts to happen, it's time to take a breather."How can you get open jobs to come to you? David Romp heard from two people about a new job at an economic development organization in Cincinnati, where he became director of regional talent. His sources came from his professional and personal network. “Longevity helps,” he concedes. “My network has been built over almost 20 years.” His effort was sustained. ...

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Dr. Culp has freelanced widely. Publications span USA Today’s Hispanic Living, The Hartford Courant, New York's Daily News, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun-Times, The Seattle Times, UTAH CEO magazine and the Polish American press.