What is WorkWise?

(that we know of)
almost 50,000 ‘likes

A suite of original, engaging premium content — syndicated and freelance — filled with stories about emerging trends in entrepreneurism, job hunting and on-the-job issues. These columns and special assignment articles have found their way into some of the nation’s most prestigious newspapers or their niche publications, both in print and on 138 newspaper and 115 commercial websites. USA Today and the Los Angeles Times are among the credits, as are publications in the Polish-American press in Chicago, Detroit and Boston, New York.

THE RIDE® (commentary on the entrepreneurial experience)
For all generations of aspiring or current business owners

THE RIDE tells little-known stories highlighting entrepreneur-focused business success, with real financials. See the award-winning site of The Knoxville News Sentinel, which launched the column.

WorkWise (weekly commentary and artwork)
For readers and site visitors with some work experience

WorkWise was first syndicated in 1994. It discusses emerging trends in the workplace, employment, HR and small-business topics, and scholarly findings made accessible to readers. This column appears in business and special sections, in print and online. Check the Las Vegas Review-Journal for WorkWise.

WorkWise Interactive (weekly Q&A)
For job seekers at any point in their careers

WorkWise Interactive is an information-packed Q&A column about job-finding. This column is featured in business and special sections, in print and online, from Virginia to California.

Freelance (potpourri of topics)
For editors seeking customized content

The 2014 Veterans Day column is approaching 50,000 'likes' at the Albuquerque Journal alone. It was distributed to E.W Scripps’ newspaper and TV websites, and the outlets of Tribune Content Agency and the Chicago Tribune sister papers. The small-business Upstart.com cited the column "for another take on how companies can hire more former military members."

• USA Today’s Hispanic Living featured an article on Latina entrepreneurs. A third affiliation with The Hartford Courant, the nation's longest continuously published newspaper, bridged local with national perspective. For four years, "Your Money" at New York's Daily News published many special small-business, career and education articles.

The Los Angeles Times featured an article about global awareness through graduate study abroad. A cover story in the Chicago Sun-Times discussed the value of an MBA, while The Seattle Times article on stepped-up alumni career services led its section.

A nursing publication at The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky) launched with our national and local content exclusively. An article published in UTAH CEO magazine focused on management – training strategies and tactics.